It's Our Time!

We passed Amendment 4! Over 1.4 million Floridians with past felony convictions have their voting rights restored, the largest expansion of democracy in 50 years. Now, we need to make sure everyone can register to vote and have their voices heard.

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to pay fines and fees for returning citizens

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This includes small donors, foundation grants, corporate gifts and major individual contributions. However, with thousands of individual donations from every state and territory in the country, this is a grassroots movement.

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100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to helping returning citizens complete their sentence and move forward with their lives.

Where We Go From Here

In 2018, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition built an unprecedented grassroots movement, led by directly impacted people and their families, and passed Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to returning citizens. This created the largest voter registration and empowerment mandate since the Civil Rights Movement. Together, we can build a more inclusive democracy in Florida by engaging the millions of unregistered voters throughout the state, including returning citizens.

Our approach


We need to protect the gains made by Amendment 4 through legislative and legal advocacy.


The FRRC and our partners are collectively building the largest coordinated voter registration program since the 1960s.


Our movement is led by returning citizens and we are committed to listening to this community and building a powerful long-term constituency through FRRC.

Amendment 4 legislation goes into effect in








A Word from Desmond

“On November 6th, we saw over 5.1 million votes, and they were votes that were not based on fear or hate. They were votes that were not based on partisan politics. They were votes that were based on love, forgiveness, and redemption. We the people proved that we can put people over politics. We the people proved that in spite of our differences, we can come together.”

We have initiated


Returning Citizen Voter Registration Guidelines

Ask the right question: "Do you know someone who's impacted by the criminal justice system?"

If you are registering a voter in a heavily impacted community, make sure not to “out” people. Sometimes their family members might not even know they have a past conviction. Always allow people the opportunity to answer privately, especially if they are with a group.

Don’t ask for the details of their conviction or sentence

FRRC welcomes anyone impacted by the criminal justice system or their family members, whether they have a felony conviction or not. Try to just state the facts of what Amendment 4 does rather than ask direct questions about their past.

In most cases, they can check “Yes” under Q2 of the Eligibility section

As long as they’ve completed their sentence and have not been convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense, their rights have been restored and they can register to vote.

Connect impacted people with the FRRC to follow-up

If a person self-identifies as impacted, wait until after the conversation before writing it down. It's important to make sure returning citizens do not feel like they’re being targeted or watched.

When in doubt, call us!

If you or the person you're registering has a question that’s not covered here, call the FRRC’s toll-free hotline any time at



Voter Registration 101

Interactive Map of Voter Registration Opportunities