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Action Center

We need your help to make sure Amendment 4 is implemented as the voters intended.

How to get involved

At the heart of the Amendment 4 campaign was a powerful grassroots coalition, led by returning citizens and their families, with hundreds of organizations and volunteers participating all across the country to support the work. We need that same spirit of collaboration and shared purpose now as we work to make sure Amendment 4 is successfully implemented, and as we register and empower hundreds of thousands of new voters in Florida. Here are all the ways you or your organization can get involved:

Join the Call Team

Easily make phone calls to voters and legislators from anywhere and let them know what’s at stake for 1.4 million returning citizens.

Join the Text Team

Send texts from anywhere and let voters and volunteers know how to get involved. All you need is a laptop computer or tablet.

Host a Canvass

If you’re in Florida, host a canvass in your community and register new voters in-person. We’ll list it on our site and provide training.

Join a Canvass

Whatever part of Florida you’re in, canvass your local community and help register new voters. We’ll provide materials and training.

Host a Large Event

If your organization or place of worship is looking to register new voters at an event, contact us and let us know. We can provide materials and volunteers if needed.

Join the Data Team

Whether you’re Florida-based and can help enter data collected on paper, or can help standardize and clean data wherever you are, contact us and become a data volunteer.

Join the Policy Team

If you’re a Florida resident and/or a policy expert, research and advocate for policies that are pro-voter and help returning citizens reintegrate into communities.

Join the Legal Team

If you’re a lawyer or public defender interested in providing services and legal defense to people whose voting rights have been restored, join our legal network.